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ChaseWind Smart Glasses

ChaseWind Cycling smart glasses are heads-up display for cyclists that connects to wireless sensors and provides GPS navigation, voice chat, and SOS alert notification services, in addition to giving more interesting and safer cycling experience for cyclists.

Sensors Wireless Connectivity

The sensors connect with the device by Bluetooth BLE and ANT+.

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Safer Cycling Experience

Instead of lowering heads to look at cycling computers while biking, the easier and safer way to receive riders’ sensor data is to wear ChaseWind smart glasses.

Sensors’ data information such as heart rate, gear, speed, cadence and power can be displayed on the smart glasses.

About Us

ChaseWind Co. Ltd, is an innovative design company that aims to provide the best smart sport and healthcare devices. We are currently designing cycling smart glasses which provides a HUD interface, health management software, video streaming and cloud services.

Our company vision is to create a healthy and joyful lifestyle for people, and we are dedicated to inspiring communities to create a smart and convenient world.


Excellence of award winning in multiple international and national competitions demonstrated ChaseWind in outstanding technical skills.

bluetooth award

2016 Bluetooth SIG Breakthrough Awards

award cup

2016 From Invention to Innovation, FITI program

award cup

2015 Mobile Heros Comunication Competition

award cup

TYC Champion Young Innovation Startup Competition

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Smart glasses creative competition preliminary

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